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Longan Tea Health Benefits

Longan Tea Benefits Longan contains vitamins A and C, helps us fend ourselves against winter cold and flu season. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, longan works with the heart, kidney, liver and spleen meridians. It is given as a tonic to strengthen and replenish these organs. Longan has a calming effect, which may help with insomnia and memory. It is also a [...]

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About Lupus There is no cure for lupus, an autoimmune disease that affects about 1.5 million Americans and 5 million people worldwide. Like other autoimmune diseases, lupus causes the body’s immune system to attack its own organs, tissues, and joints. Lupus (or SLE or systemic lupus erythematosus) is an autoimmune disease that can cause many symptoms including joint pains, [...]

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Jeunesse Reserve helps ease Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms

Multiple Sclerosis – RESERVE helps to ease Symptoms People with multiple sclerosis (MS) tend to have their first symptoms between the ages of 20 and 40. Usually the symptoms get better, but then come back. Some may come and go, while others linger. Keep track of your symptoms to help your doctor know whether MS or another condition is to blame. Whether you have a dia [...]

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How Resveratrol Helps Depression

“Scientists have recently discovered a link between inflammation and depression, which affects approximately 148 million people in the United States. A new study finds that resveratrol—a natural anti-inflammatory agent found in the skin of red grapes—can prevent inflammation as well as depression-related behaviors in rodents exposed to a social stress.” “Our resear [...]

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6 key benefits of Reserve Resveratrol supplement

It’s a fact, not all foods and supplements receive the same share of the spotlight, attention, or scrutiny. In spite of the ample scientific research behind it, one of the most overlooked is RESVERATROL. It may surprise you to learn that resveratrol, most commonly associated with wine, has many benefits that may not only help you in your next trip to the gym, but could also y [...]

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Chinese Transcript (Dr William Lee Talk)

0:13 下午好。 一场医学革命正发生在我们身边。 这将有助于我们攻克 社会上一些最可怕的疾病, 包括癌症。 这场革命称为血管新生, 它基于 血管在我们人体自然生长的过程。 0:32 那我们为什么应该关注血管呢? 首先,它们充满了我们的身体。 一般成人体内有相当六万英里长的血管 [...]

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English Transcript (Dr William Lee Talk)

0:13 Good afternoon. There's a medical revolution happening all around us, and it's one that's going to help us conquer some of society's most dreaded conditions, including cancer. The revolution is called angiogenesis, and it's based on the process that our bodies use to grow blood vessels. 0:32 So why should we care about blood vessels? Well, the human body is literally pa [...]

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Oxidative Stress

What is Oxidative Stress? Though we don't always notice, we challenge our bodies through increased stress every day. This damage to our cells, tissues and organs is internal and can become permanent leading to cardiovascular disease, cancers, and more. Every hour of every day, more people are looking for REMEDIES through all-natural supplements to augment food resources. [...]

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