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Oxidative Stress

What is Oxidative Stress?

Though we don’t always notice, we challenge our bodies through increased stress every day. This damage to our cells, tissues and organs is internal and can become permanent leading to cardiovascular disease, cancers, and more.

Every hour of every day, more people are looking for REMEDIES through all-natural supplements to augment food resources.

Oxidative stress, simplified, is the damage made to cells through the oxidative process. Oxidation is natural and normal, however when the natural oxidation process is off-balance the result is free radical damage. The more free radicals in our body, the higher the damage rate which is exhibited in our normal aging process (both on the outside and the inside).

Definition of OXIDATIVE STRESS: physiological stress on the body that is caused by the cumulative damage done by free radicals inadequately neutralized by antioxidants and that is held to be associated with aging. -from Merriam-Webster
Free radicals are formed naturally in our body, but they are also taken in from pollution, pesticides, cigarette smoke, radiation, auto emissions and much more. Free radicals have been linked to the development of more than 60 diseases such as: Heart disease (America’s number 1 killer) – Cancer – Arthritis – Lung disease – Fibromyalgia – Diabetes – Neurodegenerative diseases like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s – Autoimmune diseases – Eye diseases like Macular Degeneration.

More include inflammatory diseases, kidney disease, cataracts, inflammatory bowel disease, colitis, pancreatitis, drug reactions, skin lesions, and premature aging.
The above unhealthy events called for vastly needed antioxidant products of the highest technology. One of the fastest-growing and commanding organizations in the world today, Jeunesse Global, has steered the manufacture and marketing of our own physicians’ powerful products to diminish formidable toxins.


Cancer is Curable Now!

NOW is the time to act decisively.

This Feature Length Documentary Will Bring Millions Of People To Alternative Cancer Treatments.

A new movie documentary called CANCER is Curable NOW might be the breakthrough that brings alternative cancer treatment to the mainstream audience.

This documentary pulls together more than 30 international holistic professionals who have been working passionately in the field of cancer alternatives — doctors, scientists, researchers and writers from around the world. Many of them in books and on TV, in this movie you can see their knowledge distilled into a 90 min firework of insights.

Marcus Freudenmann and his wife Sabrina, a naturopathic doctor, traveled the world with their four children for almost 3 years to meet the experts. Their mission was to create a film about natural cancer treatments that would “wake up the world.”

They interviewed a vast array of experts from the English-speaking world as well as many of the doctors at the Mexican and German clinics. You can see the treatments that are used in the top clinics around the world such as ozone therapy, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, insulin potentiated treatments and all the forms of hyperthermia — AND you can see the doctors explain how the treatments work.
Nothing can stop this awakening any more!
Alternative cancer treatment has grown into a powerful movement — a movement which will finally reveal the ignorance of conventional treatments, by showing how CANCER is curable already NOW.
The movement is gathering power and momentum, and it’s growing much faster than we all anticipated.
The film predict in 20 years time, conventional medicine will be dead and gone. They will learned about supplements, good nutrition and alternative treatments they now call quackery!

Another doctor, from Denmark, cites a German study of women over age 80 with breast cancer. Those who received no treatment lived eleven months longer on average than those who received conventional cancer treatments.
Enough is enough! We want education and not bullies!
Seeing is believing, and thanks to this film your loved ones can see alternative cancer experts and learn for themselves that they aren’t criminals, quacks and charlatans.
If your loved ones will just give the movie a chance, they’ll find out WHY we get cancer and WHAT we can do about it. As the film says, every baby in America has 287 toxins in their blood the day they’re born. There are 83,000 toxic substances in the environment. But this does NOT mean things are hopeless. There are things you can do to get this stuff out of your body, and the film quickly introduces viewers to several of them. I
f you go to conventional doctors, you’ll never hear a word about what CAUSES cancer, much less how to get rid of these toxic chemicals.
We are all poisoned!
Cancer isn’t something that just happens to us. As one expert says in the film, “Cancer doesn’t just strike you, an innocent victim, all of a sudden. You have been brewing conditions inside your body for, probably, decades.”
The film also acknowledges that changing our habits isn’t easy. It gives practical advice on how to do it. Dr. Francisco Contreras tells viewers, “If you believe cancer is going to kill you it will. The power is within you to cure yourself.” Dr. Contreras and his excellent clinic Oasis of hope are recommended in this movie.
The movie also gives practical, useful advice on choosing a doctor. The film asks, is there ANY other important purchase where you’d just hire the first person you talked to or buy the first product you see? Yet people go to whatever conventional oncologist they’re sent to, and they do every single thing he or she says. One of the doctors in the films says, you shouldn’t just get a second opinion, you should get a third opinion, too! Here’s one way to screen the applicants: “Any doctor who tells you nutrition doesn’t matter has no clue” says Dr. Garry Gordon.

For patients trying to figure out how to change bad habits, one of the movie’s best pieces of advice is to surround yourself with supportive people. Hang out with people who eat right, who exercise, who take steps to get the stress out of their lives and deal with their emotional issues.
We all become like the people we hang out with.
The film mostly covers proven, well-established alternative cancer treatments that are accepted by doctors who actually have to take care of people.
As you probably know, there are a huge number of cancer treatments and there isn’t much evidence to back up most of them. The film sticks to the proven therapies you can trust.

Don’t spend your money where you get nothing in return! Rather invest in yourself

Cancer is CURABLE Now!


Explaining How Telomerase and Resveratrol reverse aging

Enzymes like Telomerase and Resveratrol, though not the Fountain of Youth unto themselves, offer tantalizing clues to how we might someday soon unravel the aging process.

Question: Do you think the enzyme Telomerase could be used to reverse the aging process in our lifetime? (Submitted by Paul Cellura)
Michio Kaku: Paul, Telomerase hit the headlines; however, I think we have to put it into perspective. It is not the fountain of youth; however, it is a significant breakthrough. We have to put it into a much larger perspective.
First of all, we know that DNA is sort of like a shoelace. It has plastic tips at the end. Every time a cell reproduces, the tips get shorter and shorter and shorter until finally they fray. And you know that your shoelace, without the plastic tips will simply fall apart. That’s what happens inside a cell. A cell, for example, your skin cell, will divide about 60 times, that’s called a Hayflick Limit. Then the cell goes into senescence and eventually dies.
So in some sense, every cell has a biological clock. It is doomed to die after about 60 reproductions. However, Telomerase can eliminate some of the contraction of the chromosomes and the chromosomes can maintain their length. So at first you may say, “ah-ha! We can now defeat the biological clock.” But not so fast, first of all, cancer cells also use Telomerase. Cancer cells are immortal. Cancer cells are immortal and that’s precisely why they kill you. Why are cancer cells so dangerous? Because they are immortal. They grow and they grow and they grow until they take over huge chunks of your body, meaning that your bodily functions cannot be performed and you die. So we have to make sure that when you hit ordinary cells with Telomerase that you don’t also trigger cancer in the process.
Now, also you have to realize that genes are also very essential for the aging process. It turns out that we know what aging is. Aging is the buildup of error. That’s all aging is. The build up of genetic and cellular error. And cells begin to age; they begin to get sluggish because genetic mistakes start to build up. Now cells; however, have a repair mechanism. They can repair damage to their cells; otherwise we would all basically rot very soon after birth. However, even the repair mechanisms eventually get gummed up and then the cell really starts to get old as a consequence. So then the question is, can you accelerate cell repair? That is another branch of gerontology which is being looked at using genes and using chemicals to accelerate the repair mechanisms.
For example, if I take any organism on the planet Earth from yeast cells to spiders, insects, rabbits, dogs, and even monkeys now. And I reduce their caloric intake by 30%, they live 30% longer. In fact the only organism which has not yet been deliberately tested by scientists are homo sapiens. All the other species obey this basic rule. You starve them to death, they live longer. This is independent of Telomerase. This is a function of the wear and tear that we have on the cells. And this is the only known way of actually deliberately extending the lifespan of any organisms almost at will.
Now, what we want is a genetic way of mimicking this mechanism without having to starve yourself because how many people do you know would be willing to starve themselves in order to live 30% longer? Not too many. So then the question is, are there genes that control this process. And the answer is apparently, yes. There’s something called the Sirtuin genes, Sirt2 being the most prominent of them. They in turn stimulate certain enzymes, among them Resveratrol, which is found in red wine..

Finiti contains TA65 that lengthens Telomere

Reserve contains Resveratrol that activates longetivity genes


Take control of your own health!

Frequently we hear people giving up and accepting their medical conditions such as High blood pressure and High Cholesterol.
Some say that it is genetic “My parents have it, so I have it, there is nothing i can do about it”. They dutifully follow doctor’s advice and take their medication regularly. We did some research. Shockingly, we found that high blood pressure medication does not help improve your hypertension condition. On the contrary, it will only worsen your condition and cause the organs to degenerate faster.

Long term taking hypertension medication results in cellular degeneration

Our body pumps blood harder, when it is trying to bring nutrition to the organs but is blocked by blockages in the blood vessels. Therefore, lowering blood pressure will only cause the organs to be starved and degenerate faster.

The correct solution is to exercise and take the right food that clear up the blockages in the blood vessels. This will reduce blood pressure naturally, it is not advisable to rely on mere medication to reduce blood pressure. Of course, one should always consult doctor to adjust the medication.

We all know that uncontrolled high blood pressure increases your risk of serious health problems, including heart attack and stroke. We are not saying that you should ignore doctor’s advice. Of course if you are diagnosed with Hypertension, you should take medication. We are cautioning against taking medication long term and not taking actions to improve your condition.

These are the actions you can take:
1. Regular Exercise
Just 30 mins of exercise in the morning helps increase metabolic rate.

2. Take healthy food
Reduce blood vessel blockage and flush out toxins from the body

3. Take natural supplements
Most people are not able to take enough healthy food, taking natural supplements is the next best thing.

Share with us your journey in fighting hypertension.

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