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Frequently we hear people giving up and accepting their medical conditions such as High blood pressure and High Cholesterol.
Some say that it is genetic “My parents have it, so I have it, there is nothing i can do about it”. They dutifully follow doctor’s advice and take their medication regularly. We did some research. Shockingly, we found that high blood pressure medication does not help improve your hypertension condition. On the contrary, it will only worsen your condition and cause the organs to degenerate faster.

Long term taking hypertension medication results in cellular degeneration

Our body pumps blood harder, when it is trying to bring nutrition to the organs but is blocked by blockages in the blood vessels. Therefore, lowering blood pressure will only cause the organs to be starved and degenerate faster.

The correct solution is to exercise and take the right food that clear up the blockages in the blood vessels. This will reduce blood pressure naturally, it is not advisable to rely on mere medication to reduce blood pressure. Of course, one should always consult doctor to adjust the medication.

We all know that uncontrolled high blood pressure increases your risk of serious health problems, including heart attack and stroke. We are not saying that you should ignore doctor’s advice. Of course if you are diagnosed with Hypertension, you should take medication. We are cautioning against taking medication long term and not taking actions to improve your condition.

These are the actions you can take:
1. Regular Exercise
Just 30 mins of exercise in the morning helps increase metabolic rate.

2. Take healthy food
Reduce blood vessel blockage and flush out toxins from the body

3. Take natural supplements
Most people are not able to take enough healthy food, taking natural supplements is the next best thing.

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