Jeunesse Compensation Plan

There Are Six Ways To Get Paid With Jeunesse:

1. Retail Profit

2. New First Order Bonus

3. Team Commission

4. Leadership Matching Bonus

5. Customer Acquisition Incentive

6. Leadership Bonus Pool


These are the commissions you are making right from the top of any transaction with your own customers. It is the straight difference from purchasing wholesale, selling retail and making a profit.

Your Retail Price – Your Wholesale Cost = Your Profit

For example, as an Instantly Ageless by Jeunesse Distributor, you can purchase a box of Instantly Ageless for $44.95 US per box. The typical Instantly Ageless by Jeunesse retail value is $74.95 ($125 – $200 if sold individually as samples). So, the basic retail profit you could make on each box of Instantly Ageless by Jeunesse would be $30 ($74.95 – $44.95 = $30).


Another great way to get compensated by Jeunesse Global is through the CAB (Customer Acquisition Bonus). When you sign up as a Distributor, you will be offered a choice of a few packages to initially get you started. They range in price from $199.95 for a Basic Package to $1,799.95 for a Jumbo 1 year package (see below). New distributors are encouraged to purchase a Starter package so that they can generate at least 100 CV points and become “qualified”. This is also how you get paid as a business builder. Each package is assigned different CV points, which accumulate for you, your newly acquired customer, and your upline.



Now, this is when things start to become really interesting financially as part of the Jeunesse Compensation Plan. The first step to earning commissions is to become a qualified distributor. The second step is to enroll two distributors under you. The team commission is structured with you at the top, and the two qualified distributors you recruited below you, one on your left, one on your right. They are referred to as your “legs”, “team”, “sides” etc. Point being: you have one on your left and one on your right.

You get paid a $35 team commission every time 300 CV points are generated in one leg and 600 CV points are generated in the other leg.

Once you and your team have generated a minimum of 900 CV points total with at least 300 CV points on one side and 600 CV points on the other side, Jeunesse pays you $35.

So, the question is, what does it take to generate enough CV to be able to earn a substantial amount of money through commission payments?

Let’s say that you have used Jeunesse, love the products, and want to be able to purchase them at the distributor discount price. You have no interest in building a business and don’t care to resell the products. So, you enroll as a distributor to be able to get the 40% discount and you purchase 60 CV of products each month.


You then share Jeunesse with 2 friends and they also decide to enroll as distributors. You now have a team of 3 (you and your 2 friends). If you each purchase 60 CV of products each month your team will be generating 180 CV per month. At this rate, every five months you will receive a check for $35.00.

Now, let’s say you share the products with 2 more friends, becoming a team of 5. Your cycle time is now 3 months. But, your 4 friends each share with 4 friends, so you now have team of 21. Each month your team will be generating 1260 CV, so you will receive a commission check for $35.00 each month, and every 4 months you will receive a check for $70.00.

If those 4 share with 4 friends, your team will be comprised of 85 people and your monthly check will be $175.00. So, at 3 levels deep, your monthly commission check will pay for your monthly personal product purchases, and you will have extra money to put in your pocket.

At 4 levels deep your team will have 341 members and your monthly commission will be $770.00

At 5 levels deep your team will have 1365 members and your monthly commission will be $3185.00.

At 6 levels deep your team will have 5461 members and your monthly commission will be $12,740.00.


Jeunesse pays to 7 levels deep. At 7 levels deep, if you and everyone on your team purchased only 60 CV each month for personal use, nobody decided to resell the products, and everyone added only 4 people, your team would hold 21,845 people and your monthly commission would be in the amount of $50,960.00.

As unbelievable as this may sound, to most people it is a reasonable, attainable goal to build a team of 5 people, share the products and the possibilities, and watch them to do the same.

What REALLY are these Jeunesse CV Points in the Jeunesse Compensation Plan?

Each product that Jeunesse offers is assigned a particular value in number of points. The number of points will change based on the retail value of the product in question, and the number of points they are assigned is called “Commissionable Volume”, or CV for short. So, they represent the value in points of your total sales volume upon which you can earn commissions. For instance, a box of Instantly Ageless is assigned 30 CV Points, the LUMINESCE Cellular Rejuvenation Serum is worth 60 CV points, the LUMINESCE Advanced Night Repair is assigned 50 CV points, and so on.



The Leadership Matching Bonus is an opportunity to earn a percentage of the commissions that the other members of your team are earning. Your rank needs to be Jade or higher to access this. The number of levels on which you earn will increase as you move up the ranks.



Just because Jeunesse Global is such an amazing company to work with, they will throw a little bit extra for you. You already have 5 Retail Customers, Preferred Customers, or Wholesale Customers? You can earn an additional 5% Customer Acquisition Incentive on your first level. You already have 10 Retail Customers, Preferred Customers, or Wholesale Customers? You will get an extra 10%.


That is for the top performers. The minimum level where this is available is at the Diamond level. You are now earning a percentage of what Jeunesse Global as a company sells globally. Jeunesse Global will take 3% of the total CV for the company and share it among those qualified to earn this bonus (Diamond Director and higher).