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FINITI™ contains the only proprietary blend of natural ingredients known to safely lengthen short telomeres and maintain healthy stem cells. It also protects your DNA, telomeres, and cells from oxidative stress. FINITI™ is Jeunesse's most advanced anti-aging supplement to date. Contains no artificial colors or preservatives.
*Reduce Cellular Aging
*60 capsules per bottle
Package: 2 bottles
SIZE: 120 Capsules
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Product Description

Finiti reverse aging supplements

Finiti – Reversing the Aging Process

Product Description

Finiti Pack of 2 bottles


Dr Vincent Giampapa, Nobel prize winning nominee 2015, shared recently in the 2015 Expo in Singapore, that “Finiti is the only product in the market that is base on nobel prize winning formula that turns on the gene that extend the telomere (Protective cap of DNA). Short cap means shorter life span with damaged/degenerated cell. Long cap means the cell can live longer with fully functional cell. The best part is upon taking 2 Finiti pills, it can target the shortest telomere in the body and grow the telomere within 22 mins! This means that your condition can improve in a short period of time. Persistent intake of Finiti results in lengthening of telomere in more cells, hence overall improvement of organ functions, bone strengthening and reduced inflammation.


“My 80 year old mother could not stand up in the morning, her weak knees give her pain. She would sit on her bed for several hours before she could gather strength to move a little. Amazingly after taking for 5 days, she could stand up even in the morning. Now after taking for 1 month, she could walk comfortably round the market. I am happy it gives her mobility.”

I am taking Finiti to improve my overall health. Being 50+, my body is degenerating fast, I feel letargic and i feel degeneration in my knees, my legs and my back. If I do not exercise for a week, it will give me problem. Doctor told me “your machinery is old, cannot stop degeneration, and nothing can help.” I did not like what I hear. I did my research and found Finiti. Now with finiti, my mobility has improved and it gives me strength to exercise more.


1. First of its kind Anti Aging Supplement:
Finiti is the only anti-aging supplement on the market that targets an important cause of natural aging – telomere shortening. Telomeres are protective caps on our chromosomes that protect our DNA. When they shorten with aging, our cells can stop functioning and may even release dangerous free radicals and inflammatory molecules that can damage nearby cells.
2. Based on cutting edge research:
Finiti was developed with the help of Nobel Prize winning anti-aging research to arrest the process of natural aging.
3. All natural ingredients:
Finiti is made from totally natural ingredients and does not contain any artificial colours or preservatives.


1. Healthy cells equal healthy bodies:
Nobel Prize winning anti-aging research has identified short telomeres to be a main factor in aging. The same research has discovered the enzyme telomerase, which is a solution to the aging problem. Finiti is the only product on the market that naturally enhances the enzyme telomerase to lengthen our short telomeres. This adds healthy life to our cells, which in turn promotes healthy internal systems and results in a healthier, more youthful you.
2. Clinically proven effects:
Thousands of studies have shown the connection between short telomeres and the natural process of cellular aging. Finiti battles this aging process by enhancing the enzyme telomerase which is needed to lengthen our short telomeres.

Nobel prize winning formula!


Jeunesse’s new FINITI™ contains a Nobel prize-winning discovery that slows down and even reverses the ageing process. It is, without exaggeration, the greatest breakthrough in the history of anti-ageing medicine.

Finiti in the news!

JeunesseGlobal has an exclusive agreement with TA Sciences for the network marketing industry, to distribute TA-65. Jeunesse’s product containing TA-65 is Finiti. FINITI™ naturally enhances the enzyme (telomerase) needed to lengthen our short telomeres.* This adds healthy life to our cells.



TA-65 Study – A natural product telomerase activator as part of a health maintenance program.

TA-65 Study – The telomerase activator TA-65 elongates short telomeres and increases health span of adult/old mice without increasing cancer incidence.


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